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 + 26 Rock of Ages Icons+
+ OBC From 2009 (?) Today Show
+ Disclaimer: I own none of the original images.
+ Don't credit these icons as your own, credit candygluepress (me) and also let me know which ones you're taking.
+ If you would like any of the icons without their text, let me know. I have the bases. Also don't add text to textless ones.
+ More icons are always on their way!

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Rock of Ages Productions Episodes 1-4
"ROA Productions" is the first backstage mocumentary to be created during the offstage moments of an actual play; ROCK OF AGES, now on Broadway at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre. Created and directed by Lauren Molina and Mitchell Jarvis, this show within a show is hilariously and awkwardly brought to life. All of the scenes are improvised and shot in 1 or 2 takes. "ROA Productions" is an ongoing project, so check in often for new episodes.

Here are the first four episodes. Posts will be made as new episodes come out. Collapse )


Welcome to the Unofficial Rock of Ages LJ Community!  I noticed that there wasn't one, so I figured I would make one.  I'm Shannon and I shall be your moderator.  If this community grows, I might need to add some helpers.  But for right now it's just me!

Basically, post anything related to the show: news, videos, fanart, icons, etc.  Posting is open to anyone, so knock yourself out!

I'll be making a post with some things that are available right now.  I think that's it for now.


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